Please note during these Covid times our squad setup has been changed to a temporary structure.  If you are interested in joining the club or swim school please use our contact form.

Swimmers can join the club from swimming lessons elsewhere or from our own Swimschool, normally into the Swim Academy “Silver Squad”.  The Silver Squad is the “Club Ready” squad in the swimming pathway and is the bridge between lessons and competitive swimming.  If a swimmer is judged to be above the level of Swim Academy Silver they will be placed in the appropriate squad.

As your child progresses they will move up to the Swim Academy “Gold Squad” and  then through TaSK squads and into the FaST squads, ultimately aiming for the Elite squad at the top end of the club.

We also have a SwiFT squad for swimmers who are no longer able to train the hours they would like due to exam or other commitments, but who want to continue to participate in swimming within the club. There is a myth that you are no longer able to compete if you move into the SwiFT squad, this is not the case. There are the same competitive opportunities available if you want to continue swimming competitively, but you shouldn’t expect to see the same rate of time improvement, given the reduction in training hours and intensity.

The aim of the coaches is to progress the swimmers through the squads, developing Techniques and SKills, Form and Stroke, working towards every swimmer reaching their full potential.  All coaches and lifeguards are PVG checked.