Hearts pre-SNAGS meet

Hearts hosted their 2nd meet of the season with the ‘Last Chance’ gala at Bathgate Xcite Pool on Sunday 24th February. The gala gives the swimmers an opportunity to achieve Scottish National Age Group qualifying times before the closing date.

A total of 38 swimmers from across 4 squads competed in 115 races across the day and achieved an amazing 71 personal best times. Hearts swimmers also were the proud recipients of t19 Gold, 16 Silver and 9 Bronze medals.

The meet ran very smoothly and the committee would like to thank all of the parents who volunteered their time on the day to ensure that it was successful. It was great to see so many clubs taking part, thanks to everyone who came along and made it such a successful meet.

East District finals

The final weekend of the East District Age Group championships took place on the 9th and 10th of February at the Royal Commonwealth Pool in Edinburgh.

It was 2 full days, with 6 sessions in total and over 40 of our swimmers took part in more than 150 races (100m of each 4 strokes and 200IM). 15 of our relay teams completed the programme.

Medalists were as follows:


Kate Carruthers – 13 years 200IM – silver
Holly McGill – 14 years 200IM – bronze
Rowan Saunders – 15 years 200IM – bronze
Ellie Reilly – 16 years 200IM – gold
Erika Coupek – 17&O 200IM – silver
Orla Macinnes – 11/12 years 100 fly – gold
Alice Mackie – 13 years 100 fly – silver
Jack Brown – 14 years 100 back – gold
Kate Carruthers – 13 years 100 free – gold
Ellie Reilly – 16 years 100 free – bronze
Josh Elliott – 11/12 years 100 breast – silver
Jack Brown – 14 years 100 breast – bronze
Holly McGill/Holly Lumsden/Alice Mackie/Kate Carruthers – 13/14 years 200 medley relay – silver
Rowan Saunders/Ellie Reilly/Mary Mackie/Louise Macarthur – 15/16 200 medley relay – bronze
Finlay Saunders/Angus Rutherford/Rory Young/Jamie Claxton – 17&O 200 medley relay – bronze

Holly McGill – 14 years 100 back – gold
Erika Coupek – 17&O 100 back – silver
Jack Brown – 14 years 100 free – bronze
Ellie Reilly – 16 years 100 breast – silver
Jack Brown – 14 years 200IM – bronzeJack McGill – 15 years 200IM – bronze
Olivia Dean/Holly McGill/Holly Lumsden/Kate Carruthers – 13/14 200 free relay – silver
Ellie Reilly/Adele McDaid/Louise MacArthur/Rowan Saunders 15/16 200 free relay – bronze

The points from the full East District series were added together to award a top boy and girl trophy in each age group.  We’re proud to say that Kate Carruthers (13 years) and Erika Coupek (17 and over) were age group winners.

Full results link

In addition, Alison Grant and Delia Thorley were both signed off in their Judge 1 assessments bringing more success to the club. Well done ladies!

Finally, a huge well done and thanks to everyone who participated, helped out on poolside or at the front desk, managed the livestream, officiated as a timekeeper, judge or starter or coached the swimmers to success. HMASC were definitely well represented.

February week training schedule changes

Please find below the training schedule for the period around the February school holidays. Changes have been made for various reasons:

East District Age Groups Champs running at the RCP 9th/10th February.
Tenerife Training Camp taking place 11th-18th February – with many swimmers and three coaches in attendance.
School Holidays (for most) spanning that period – and anticipated reduced swimmer attendance.
Carnegie Spring Meet taking place 16th/17th February.Please note the following:

Week 26
Saturday 9th (not shown on attachment):
0600-0800 RCP ELITE session cancelled due to EDAGs

Sunday 10th (not shown on attachment)
RCP FaST 2 / FaST 1 session cancelled due to EDAGs
FaST 2 / FaST 1 swimmers not competing at EDAGs can join the TaSK 3 Drumbrae session (1600-1650 land / 1700-1830 swim).

Week 27
Monday 11th
o RCP AM sessions (both ELITE & FaST 2 / FaST 1 / TaSK 3) all cancelled
o ELITE / FaST 2 / FaST 1 & TaSK 3 train at Forrester 1900-2030

Tuesday 12th
o ELITE / FaST 2 Drumbrae session cancelled
o ELITE / FaST 2 / FaST 1 & TaSK 3 train at RCP 1915-2100

Wednesday 13th
o ELITE / FaST 2 / FaST 1 & TaSK 3 train at RCP 0600-0730
o PM sessions at RCP & Ainslie Park cancelled
o ELITE / FaST 2 / FaST 1 & TaSK 3 train at Forrester 1900-2030

Thursday 14th
o No training for all squads – Happy Valentine’s Day!

Friday 15th
o RCP AM and Drumbrae PM sessions cancelled
o ELITE / FaST 2 / FaST 1 & TaSK 3 train at Forrester 1900-2015

Saturday 16th
o ELITE RCP AM session cancelled

Sunday 17th
o RCP PM session cancelled
o TaSK 3 Drumbrae land session cancelled
o ELITE / FaST 2 / FaST 1 join the TaSK 3 Drumbrae pool session (1700-1830)

Week 28
Monday 18th
o RCP teaching pool session cancelled
o ELITE / FaST 2 / FaST 1 & TaSK 3 train at RCP main pool 0600-0730
o ELITE / FaST 2 / FaST 1 & TaSK 3 train at Forrester 1900-2030

Tuesday 19th onwards – back to normal

Saturday 23rd
With changes being made on Sunday 24th due to the Hearts Last Chance Meet we are opening up the 0600-0800 RCP session to FaST 2.

Sunday 24th
FaST 1 / FaST 2 RCP session cancelled due to Hearts Last Chance Meet.
FaST 1 moved to Drumbrae TaSK 3 session (1600-1650 land / 1700-1830 swim).
FaST 2 session replaced with Saturday 23rd session (see above). Possible attendance at Sunday 24th Drumbrae session by request only.

Please note that the schedule for TaSK 1 / TaSK 2, SwiFT and Masters remains unaltered during this period.

East District Round 3

The East District championships round 3 continued into 2019 on the weekend of 12th and 13th January at Michael Woods Centre in Glenrothes.

A total of 41 swimmers took part over the 2 days. All strokes were swum over 200 metres, with heats for all age groups and finals for ages 14 and over.

Individual medalists were:
Jack Brown – 3rd 200 Back
Kate Carruthers – 2nd 200 Back, 3rd 200 Fly and 1st 200 Free
Erika Coupek – 1st 200 Back, 2nd 200 Free
Josh Elliott – 3rd 200 Breaststroke
Orla MacInnes – 2nd 200 Fly
Adele McDaid – 3rd 200 Fly
Holly McGill – 2nd 200 Back
Jack McGill – 2nd 200 Fly
Fionnlagh McGuire – 3rd 200 Free
Ellie Reilly – 1st 200 Breaststroke, 3rd 200 Free
Luci Robertson – 2nd 200 Fly
Emma Russell – 1st 200 Free
Rowan Saunders – 2nd 200 Back

Full results can be found here.

East District Sprints

The East District championships continued with the sprints on Saturday 22nd December 2018 at Michael Woods Centre in Glenrothes.

A record number of 43 swimmers took part on a very busy day both in the pool and for the officials and spectators. All strokes were swum over 50 metres, with 4×50 free and medley relays finishing the day.

Individual medalists were:
Jack Brown – 2nd 50 Back
Kate Carruthers – 3rd 50 Back, 2nd 50 Fly and 3rd 50 Free
Orla MacInnes – 1st 50 Fly
Ellie Reilly – 2nd 50 Breastroke
Emma Russell – 2nd 50 Back, 1st 50 Fly and 2nd 50 Free
Rowan Saunders – 1st 50 Back

Full results can be found here.

Club Christmas fun day 2018

Everyone enjoyed the club Christmas fun day on Sunday 17th December at Drumbrae Leisure Centre. All swimmers raced over 25m of each stroke with the 11 and unders trying to beat the existing club records. Unfortunately none were beaten on the day and still stand as below.

10 and under IM cupThe 11 and unders then raced a full 100 IM with the 10 and unders racing for the IM trophies. Layla Wedderspoon and Josh Elliot were the winners on the day.

11 and under records
25 butterfly – Keanna MacInnes (2012)14.23, Jamie Waller (2010) 15.12
25 backstroke – Laurie Adair (1995) 17.12, Jamie Waller (2009) 16.31
25 breaststroke – Megan Pathal (2012) 18.22, Kris Gilchrist (1995) 18.16
25 freestyle – Jamie Waller (2009) 14.16, Laurie Adair (1995) 14.13

For the first time new records were set in the open category and are:
25 butterfly – Alice Mackie 14.64 and Angus Rutherford 13.14
25 backstroke – Rowan Saunders 15.76 and Finlay Saunders 14.46
25 breaststroke – Ellie Reilly 16.70 and Angus Rutherford 16.09
25 freestyle – Rowan Saunders 14.02 and Ross Kerr 12.14

Those are the targets to beat next year!

All other age groups had their individual 25m times combined to make a 100 IM time.  Brand new trophies in memory of our friend Orla Hogg were presented to the winners of the 11/12 and 13/14 girls and boys.

The winners of the beautiful new trophies were:

Girls 11/12 Kate Carruthers

Boys 11/12 Joseph Robertson

Girls 13/14 Rowan Saunders

Boys 13/14 Jack McGill



The full combined results can be found here.

Xmas and New Year training schedule

As usual, we have pool closures to take into account and we’ve tried to strike a balance between providing an appropriate level of training for each squad and a bit of family time / rest & relaxation over this period.

  • Week 18 (w/c 10th December)
    • A normal week with the exception of Sunday 16th when we’ve got the Christmas Club Night at Drumbrae (see separate emails)
  • Week 19 (w/c 17th December)
    • A normal week with the exception of already advised changes (i.e. Squad Nights Out / Friday 21st & Saturday 22nd changes for ELITE)
  • Week 20 (w/c 24th December)
    • Monday 24th
      • 0530-0730 at RCP for ELITE – a Christmas Eve Special!
      • 0600-0730 at RCP (teaching pool) for FaST 2 / FaST 1 / TaSK 3
      • NO Forrester sessions in the evening
    • Tuesday 25th / Wednesday 26th – no training – MERRY CHRISTMAS!
    • Thursday 27th
      • 1700-1815 at Ainslie Park for TaSK 1 / TaSK 2
      • 1815-1945 at Ainslie Park for SwiFT & Masters
    • Friday 28th
      • 0530-0730 at RCP for ELITE & FaST 2
      • 1500-1540 spin class / 1545-1700 swim at Drumbrae for TaSK 3
      • 1615-1655 spin class / 1700-1815 swim at Drumbrae for FaST 1
      • 1730-1810 spin class / 1815-1945 swim at Drumbrae for ELITE / FaST 2
      • We’ll send further info out soon regarding the spin classes because spaces will be limited and we’ll also be looking for some parental help.
    • Saturday 29th
      • 0600-0800 at RCP for ELITE & FaST 2
    • Sunday 30th
      • 1500-1600 at Drumbrae for TaSK 1
      • 1600-1700 at Drumbrae for TaSK 2
      • 1700-1730 land / 1730-1930 swim at RCP for TaSK 3 / FaST 1 / FaST 2* / ELITE* – *with this session being “by request” only for FaST 2 / ELITE (i.e. the other sessions this week take priority an we may need to limit numbers with TaSK 3 / FaST 1 taking priority).
  • Week 21 (w/c 31st December)
    • Monday 31st
      • 0530-0730 at RCP for ELITE – a Hogmanay Special!
      • 0600-0730 at RCP (teaching pool) for FaST 2 / FaST 1 / TaSK 3
    • Tuesday 1st January 2019 – no training – Happy New Year!
    • Wednesday 2nd
      • 0530-0730 at RCP for ELITE & FaST 2
      • 1800-2000 at RCP for ELITE & FaST 2
      • No Ainslie Park or Forrester PM sessions
    • Thursday 3rd
      • All squads / venues back to normal from this day onwards

Tranent Christmas Gala

By Kirsty Funnell



The Tranent Christmas Gala had a great turnout from swimmers in TASKs 1, 2 and 3, Fast 1 and also Swift. They were supported by coaches, Jill Muirden, Angus Johnstone and Stuart Forbes. I was talking to Angus and he said “It’s a good chance for swimmers to swim fast and to see me in my pink hat!”

For many swimmers it was their very first external gala which was very exciting for them. Olivia McDonald told me that this was one of her first galas and then she said “It is good and it is competitive”.

There were events in all the strokes and an Individual Medley as well, split between boys and girls and the following age categories: 8yrs and under, 9-10yrs, 11-12yrs, 13-14yrs, 15/over.

Chatting to some of the Hearts swimmers, I found that many of them have a favourite stroke. I asked some of them why; Josh El stated “Breaststroke because I’m fast at it”; Adam Funnell commented “Butterfly because I’m good at it”; and Layla Wedderspoon told us “Butterfly because it just is”.



I also spoke to some of the spectators. Julie Robb told me “All three of my children are swimming today. It’s a great sport for keeping fit and competing has given my kids loads of confidence. Louis loves being with his friends and cheering his team mates on.

Hearts officialsI then spoke to some of our wonderful Hearts officials who told me why they volunteer to help at galas. “they give you sweets”, said Mel McDonald, “I enjoy chatting to the other officials”, said Carol MacInnes, “You get the best view of the swimmers when you are on poolside”, said Angie Doney.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the festive atmosphere of the day and a number of swimmers took places on the podium.

Well done to everyone who took part!

East Districts Round 1 report

Saturday and Sunday saw the start of the East District competition at Michael Woods Centre in Glenrothes, with Round 1 focusing on the distance events.

24 swimmers from Task 3, Fast 1, Fast 2 & Elite took part in the various events comprising 400m IM, 400m, 800m & 1500m Freestyle. For some, this was the first time they’d ever qualified for the East District Competition, for others it was the first time they’d qualified for the Distance events. Either way, and for all those returning to EDR1 again, well done on your collective achievements over the weekend. A large number of PB’s were achieved, there was some fantastic displays of team spirit across the squads and great to see swimmers encouraging their team mates on.

Head Coach Phil Potter said “the team performed with distinction yet again – showing significant progression and, more importantly, attention to detail, considerable work ethic and a desire to race.  Well done to all!” Thanks to Phil & Michal who were on hand throughout the weekend, and to Phil, Michal and Jill for their combined efforts in coaching our swimmers.

Unfortunately, there were some swimmers who qualified for the event, but who were unable to race on the day due to illness. You were missed and we wish you a speedy recovery.

Together the swimmers knocked a whopping 489 seconds (or 8mins) from their times, and between them achieved 17 podium finishes. Well done to the following eight individuals for their medals:

Kate Carruthers                3rd 800m Freestyle

Erika Coupek                     1st 400m IM, 1st 400m Freestyle

Louise McCarthur             3rd 1500m Freestyle

Holly McGill                       2nd 800m Freestyle, 2nd 1500m Freestyle

Jack McGill                         1st 400m IM, 2nd 1500m Freestyle, 2nd 800m Freestyle, 3rd 400m Freestyle

Fionnlagh McGuire          2nd 1500m Freestyle

Ellie Reilly                          1st 400m Freestyle, 2nd 400m IM, 2nd 800m Freestyle, 2nd 1500m Freestyle,

Angus Rutherford            3rd 1500m Freestyle, 3rd 800m Freestyle

Finally, it was amazing to see so many parents helping out over the four sessions. Together Hearts parents covered a combined total of 20 sessions, which included Timekeeping, Judging and Marshalling. I know this made a huge difference to the meet organiser, so thank to those who volunteered. If you’d like to get involved in future meets, we’d love to hear from you @ entries@swimhearts.com.

Hearts Premier Meet

Hearts take the top club trophy at Premier Meet

A big well done to all the swimmers who competed at our own Premier Meet at Bathgate on the 6th and 7th October.  An excellent team performance saw us lift the Top Club Trophy at the end of the weekend, and Kate C, Holly L, Rowan S and Jack B pick up the Top Girl / Boy awards in their respective age groups.

Thanks also to all the parent who came along.  It was fantastic to see so many from the club helping and also donating the many prizes for our Raffle/Tombola. The net profit was around £6,300 and this sum will help with the running of the club.