The club committee meets monthly, with the AGM in November each year.

The members of the committee are given below.  New members are welcome to join the committee from any squad. To contact any member of the committee please use our contact form.

Club President: Alison Grant
Vice President: Vacant
Secretary: Elinor Crofts
Treasurer: Stephen Stormonth
Membership secretary : Paula Whike

Swim convenor :
Assistant swim convenor : Vacant
Child Protection : Shared role, committee rep Ashleigh Cairns
Entries secretary : Jennifer McGill
Social convenor : Vacant
Parent reps: Lorna Funnell, Kirsty Mundell

East District rep : Kirsty Mundell
Lothian Region rep : Paula Whike
Edinburgh Aquatics rep : Alison Grant
Swim Edinburgh rep : Elinor Crofts