June/Summer swimmer of the month

Our Swimmer of the Month awards turn into Swimmer of the Summer with some very deserving recipients:
Tier 1 – it’s simply all of you (and crediting some great coaching by Michal!) but with a special nod to Holly’s Euro Junior 🥈, Layla’s current British Summer Champs campaign, and some outstanding Scottish Summer Meet performances.
Tier 2 – Ewan H for showing improved application and confidence in training.
Tier 3 – Greta for displaying real desire to learn and improve.
Tier 4 – Finlay for continuing to work hard in training and for reaping the rewards with much improved competition performances.
Tier 5 – Sully for making a big all round effort since joining and improving his tumble turns.
Tier 6 – Lily for improved attendance and making progress with her backstroke starts.