Club celebration night 2022

There was a fantastic turnout on Friday 11th November at the Royal High school rugby club for our first celebration night since 2019. President Alison Grant supported by coaches Michal, Finlay and Ellie presented trophies to the winners of individual events and the top 6 in each age group.

juvenile winners

Junior boys junior girls

Senior boys Senior girls


6th Mini Boys Finlay Barclay
5th Mini Boys Rory Griffin
4th Mini Boys Robert Cairns
3rd Mini Boys Murray Robertson
2nd Mini Boys Guy Johnston
1st Mini Boys Murray Scott Marion Robinson trophy
6th Mini girls Grace Mackay
5th Mini girls Rachel Irvine
4th Mini girls Selena Hutcheson
Joint 2nd Mini girls Lily Zheng
Joint 2nd Mini girls Thea Liddell
1st Mini girls Freya Morrison Marion Robinson trophy
6th Juvenile boys Laird Brown
5th Juvenile boys Robbie Snedden
4th Juvenile boys Jack-James Hamilton
3rd Juvenile boys Tymek Chmielowski
2nd Juvenile boys Lewis Bowerman
1st Juvenile boys Thomas Wakulicz Henniker trophy
6th Juvenile girls Ella Maclennan
5th Juvenile girls Rosie Taylor
4th Juvenile girls Greta Canny
3rd Juvenile girls Zoe Forrester
2nd Juvenile girls Alanya Brown
1st Juvenile girls Lili Mundell Robin trophy
6th Junior boys Blair Smith
Joint 4th Junior boys Alejandro Di Bella
Joint 4th Junior boys Ryan McLachlan
3rd Junior boys Charlie Cairns
2nd Junior boys Keir Stormonth
1st Junior boys Nikodem Trojnar  Boyd trophy
6th Junior girls Callie Robertson
5th Junior girls Emily Neil
4th Junior girls Isabella Coane
3rd Junior girls Iris Hogg
2nd Junior girls Chloe Milburn
1st Junior girls Layla Wedderspoon Hutcheson trophy & Matheson medal
6th Senior boys Colton Lin
5th Senior boys Ewan Hutchinson
4th Senior boys Charlie Fraser
3rd Senior boys Jedrzej Przychodzki
2nd Senior boys Thomas Scott
1st Senior boys Lawrence McIntyre Bill Linton memorial trophy
6th Senior girls Katie Simpson
5th Senior girls Holly McGill
4th Senior girls Lucy Atherton
3rd Senior girls Alice Mackie
2nd Senior girls Lizzie Whike
1st Senior girls Orla MacInnes Donald Allen trophy