East Districts Round 1 report

Saturday and Sunday saw the start of the East District competition at Michael Woods Centre in Glenrothes, with Round 1 focusing on the distance events.

24 swimmers from Task 3, Fast 1, Fast 2 & Elite took part in the various events comprising 400m IM, 400m, 800m & 1500m Freestyle. For some, this was the first time they’d ever qualified for the East District Competition, for others it was the first time they’d qualified for the Distance events. Either way, and for all those returning to EDR1 again, well done on your collective achievements over the weekend. A large number of PB’s were achieved, there was some fantastic displays of team spirit across the squads and great to see swimmers encouraging their team mates on.

Head Coach Phil Potter said “the team performed with distinction yet again – showing significant progression and, more importantly, attention to detail, considerable work ethic and a desire to race.  Well done to all!” Thanks to Phil & Michal who were on hand throughout the weekend, and to Phil, Michal and Jill for their combined efforts in coaching our swimmers.

Unfortunately, there were some swimmers who qualified for the event, but who were unable to race on the day due to illness. You were missed and we wish you a speedy recovery.

Together the swimmers knocked a whopping 489 seconds (or 8mins) from their times, and between them achieved 17 podium finishes. Well done to the following eight individuals for their medals:

Kate Carruthers                3rd 800m Freestyle

Erika Coupek                     1st 400m IM, 1st 400m Freestyle

Louise McCarthur             3rd 1500m Freestyle

Holly McGill                       2nd 800m Freestyle, 2nd 1500m Freestyle

Jack McGill                         1st 400m IM, 2nd 1500m Freestyle, 2nd 800m Freestyle, 3rd 400m Freestyle

Fionnlagh McGuire          2nd 1500m Freestyle

Ellie Reilly                          1st 400m Freestyle, 2nd 400m IM, 2nd 800m Freestyle, 2nd 1500m Freestyle,

Angus Rutherford            3rd 1500m Freestyle, 3rd 800m Freestyle

Finally, it was amazing to see so many parents helping out over the four sessions. Together Hearts parents covered a combined total of 20 sessions, which included Timekeeping, Judging and Marshalling. I know this made a huge difference to the meet organiser, so thank to those who volunteered. If you’d like to get involved in future meets, we’d love to hear from you @ entries@swimhearts.com.